What is IDO Launchpad?


An Initial Dex Offering. (IDO) is a type of sneak peek for customers, often found in the electronics, software, and gaming industries. An IDO launchpad is the third phase of an IDO strategy, following an initial discovery and a proof of concept (POC) test.

An IDO launchpad is a way to offer your target customers an exclusive first look at your POC product before it goes to market. It’s a sort of happy hour where you give important influencers insider information about your product without them feeling like they’re being pandered to.
A successful IDO launchpad gives you reliable information about your target customer’s interest in buying your product when it goes to market. It also helps build relationships with those customers so that they are more receptive the next time you reach out with information on new products. There are many benefits of using IDO launchpad such as it reduces the time taken to find an investor, it provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their product or service and receive feedback from potential customers, it also has a database of investors which makes it easier for them to find the right investor with ease. The IDO Launchpad is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own businesses. It helps them to identify the best opportunities for their business and also makes it easy for them to take the next step.

How an IDO launchpad works
Your customers are told in advance that they will be receiving a sneak peek of a new product. They are not told what the product is or what it will do. They will be given a certain number of questions to actively think about using the product. They will be given a deadline for when to return their completed surveys. You will be collecting those surveys and using them to determine how many customers will buy your product and what they will pay for it. These are the phases of an IDO launchpad: – Initial discovery – Proof of concept – Initial Dex Offering..

When to use an IDO launchpad
An IDO launchpad works best when you are not yet close enough to your customers to have a good understanding of what they want. That’s why it’s most often used in the early stages of product development. If you already have a good indication of what customers want, you don’t need an IDO; you need actual sales. If you’re planning on going the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) route, you can use an IDO launchpad to gauge interest in your token.