Why is it better to invest with CoreStarter?


The world of crypto is filled with acronyms, some more common than others. In the past few years, there has been a growing interest in IDO and INO investments. Today, Lets have look at how CoreStarter helps us make better investment decision when it comes to IDO/INO investments.

What is CoreStarter? 

CoreStarter is a cross-chain IDO platform with an NFT marketplace and high-yield staking built on Solana for high performance and low fees. CoreStarter breaks down barriers for crypto investment as the entry being the lowest cost entry launchpad on the market. Targeted at the small investor we aim to give equal opportunities to all while rewarding long-term investors. The innovation behind CoreStarter includes the interoperability of Solana and other blockchains like Binance, Ethereum, Matic, Cardano, etc. CoreStarter Launchpad provides a decentralized finance protocol for various start-ups to do fundraising through the CSTR platform with inbuilt staking rewards powered by CoreStarter

Benefits with CoreStarter

Here are three reasons why you should invest with CoreStarter:

  • High staking yield

When the average person thinks about investing their money, they envision it as a race. You start at point A with a certain amount of money and you finish at point B with more money. The more points you get, the faster you go and the greater your earnings will be. Sounds simple? It’s not. Investing is never that straightforward – especially when it comes to staking yields on the IDO launchpad. With the CoreStarter longer the user holds the token the chances of profit earning simultaneously increasing

Most importantly, marking allows you to procure interest on your tokens. CoreStarter users can stake their CSTR tokens and can get 3% to 200 APY

  • Highly Researched IDO

CoreStarter is a bridge for start-ups and investors through Blockchain-based decentralized services. CoreStarter experts select the highest quality projects

CoreStarter provides highly researched IDO with positive benefits like

  1. Token Allocation – the assignment of tokens to the investors is a fundamental piece of our IDO platform. Our fast symbolic portion does it successfully at whatever point the stage is open for a deal for the investors to go enter into your launchpad
  2. Benefits of investor pools: Sidestepping swarming on the stage is vital. Our investor pool management framework permits the launchpad to work with numerous investor pools and keep up with the investor pool size-token allotment proportion on your platform
  3. KYC compliance: like each other monetary foundation, your IDO platform will be outfitted with KYC consistency which permits the proprietor to acknowledge the client’s ID verification before the endorsement is given to utilize the launchpad                
  1. Tokenomics: The world of cryptocurrency is filled with complicated terminology that appears to be designed to confuse rather than explain. Even the most seasoned investors will often struggle to get their heads around some of the more unusual concepts. Tokenomics refers to the science of token usage, token supply, and token

mechanics. While this might not seem like it directly relates to cryptocurrencies, in reality, it is an extremely important part of any project. The token economy has a significant impact on how successful a blockchain project can be, as well as its potential for future growth..

  1. Staking Module: The fundamental action of the investors in a launchpad is taking part in subsidizing adjustments that are reliant upon marking the token. Consequently, our IDO launchpad  permits you to make various degrees of financing adjusts for investors to stake tokens
  • Backed by large investment groups 

we are glad that we have supporting companies like NGC ventures, Infinity capital, Matrix ventures, Insignius Capital, Down under capital, Infinity Gianz, Oracles investment group and other big companies.